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What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

Thursday, September 8, 2022

by Brittany Long

Cosmetic Tattooing is a procedure that has been continuing to pick up ground in the ever-growing beauty industry.  People want to look their best and feel confident in themselves.  With cosmetic tattooing procedures, this is now easier than ever.  Ever wanted to be able to wake up and be made up, ready to take on the day?  This semi-permanent treatment can help you achieve just that.  And it is being offered in studios more and more.

As the term suggests, this is a tattooing process.  Certified technicians have been trained to provide this service in aesthetic clinics and spas.  Health and welfare of clients is of great importance to these technicians and only licensed individuals should be sought out to perform this.  They have gone through extensive training on technique and sterilization.  They will assist you in getting the best results with minimal negative impact.

The cosmetic tattooing process is done by applying tattoo pigmentation into the upper layer of skin.  There are many different shades and colors available so that you can match up the right one for your skin color.  This is a semi-permanent process, and can last for several years. 

The procedure is done in studio.  Great attention is given to ensuring a healthy, safe environment and sterilization of all needles and instruments.  Technicians wear gloves and ensure your skin is protected from any potential infections.

Cosmetic Tattooing is now quite common for individuals wanting to enhance their brows, eyes, lips, and even freckles.  There are many new techniques introduced quite frequently, providing slightly different outcomes per treatment.  Depending on your wants and needs, a technician can go over all your options and assist you with choosing the right one.

The cost of treatments very, depending on the service provided.  But are considered affordable.  Cosmetics themselves are often not inexpensive.  When you take into consideration that cosmetic tattooing can last for several years, there is potential for savings in the long run.  Follow up appointments may be required, as the tattooing is fresh and may need touch up.  This is covered in the initial cost.  And after a year or two, you may need to have the tattooing refreshed.

There is a bit of discomfort during cosmetic tattooing.  The needling can cause a small sting, but most clients are willing to undergo this for the benefit of simplifying their daily makeup routine.  Some clients experience swelling and redness around the area for the first few weeks.  This soon disappears and you will begin to see the results clearly.

If you are considering cosmetic tattooing to supplement your beauty routine, you can find a studio near you.  Many licensed, experienced technicians are found in most cities and you will undoubtedly have a few studios to choose from.  If you take time to check their reviews, before and after pictures, and credentials, you will find the perfect one for you.

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