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Mental Health and Bed Bugs

Mental Health and Bed Bugs

Sunday, August 14, 2022

by Heather Thomas

The very last thing anyone wants to hear is that you have bed bugs.

This is what some people would call their worst nightmare.  Just to think that you have some creepy crawly bug invading your space can truly affect you and your mental well being.  If you don’t know what a bed bug is, it is a tiny parasitic insect that multiplies very quickly.  They like to hide in crevasses in your home and come to feed off of human blood.  You will definitely encounter them in your bed and bedding, if you have an infestation.  Infestations of bed bugs are becoming more and more common.  You may even know people personally who have had them.  Or you may have encountered them on your travels abroad.  They are very good at hitching a ride from anywhere, traveling home with you, and setting up residence in your space.

Having been confirmed with a case of bed bugs is something that people truly struggle with.  There is a stigma that often accompanies an assessment.  Often people think that bed bugs are associated with an unclean space.  This is fundamentally not true.  Bed bugs are not particular about the space they choose to habitat in.  Some of the cleanest homes have suffered from bed bugs.  The fact that they are so easily transmitted from one space to another, can explain why we see them in spotless homes as well.

And the fact that they are travellers makes it even harder on you, if you have a case you are dealing with.  Social stigma now comes into play.  People may want to avoid you because they do not want to inadvertently bring even one home with them.  So, they choose to distance themselves from you because of the bed bug issue.  This really affects your mental wellbeing and people often do not want to share that they are suffering with an infestation.  Out of fear of being isolated and alone.

If you are trying to deal with the situation on your own, you will undoubtedly become obsessed with the idea that these tiny parasites, which are almost invisible, and could be anywhere in your space, are waiting for the opportunity to feed on you while you are asleep.  If you don’t lose sleep during this time, you would be a rare case!

No wonder these tiny insects can affect us to such a degree with our mental health!  The experience of severe stress and isolation is a real one and a very difficult one to overcome.  There is a real financial impact plus a social impact that comes with a bed bug infestation.

We have spoken to an exterminator who specializes in the treatment of bed bugs.  They have helped clients from all walks of life, with different situations, and different needs.  The first thing they wanted us to tell you is that if you are struggling with a bed bug infestation, you are not alone.  They have worked with countless individuals dealing with exactly what you are going through.  They always remind their clients, right from the first minute, that this is a temporary situation.  Bed bugs will not take over your life!  Or your Mind!

We have gained a few really good pointers from the bed bug specialist on how you can help focus your mind in a more positive direction during all of this.  And we hope that these will also help you emotionally cope as well.

You Are Not Alone

Remember that your situation is not the only one in your area.  Chances are you contacted them from someone else in your area and you just didn’t even know it.  Maybe they are just realizing themselves that they have them.  Taking note of all the discarded mattresses that may be seen around your area.  This might due to others having the same situation.  So take heart, you are not the only case in town!

Positive Self Talk

Remember who you really are.  You have not changed at all, due to these bed bugs.  You are still a wonderful person and contribute to your community in such a great way.  Remind yourself that bed bugs do not define or change you.  They are temporary and will be dealt with. 

Spend Time Outdoors

Spending time outdoors and with nature has a way of helping us hit a reset button mentally.  When the weather permits, put your shoes on and go for a walk.  Enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air.  Go find a quiet spot to read a book.  Just get out of the space that is providing you the stress you are living with.  You can and should take a break from it as often as you can.  You don’t deserve any of this.  So take a break from it when you can.

Don’t Overthink a Bed Bug

Bed bugs are not vampires.  They are not evil creatures plotting to devour you.  They are tiny little bugs, which are even less dangerous than common mosquitoes!  They aren’t cute or pretty to look at, but they are not going to be your demise.  Your stress in thinking about them might.

Practice Breathing

A great stress releaser is doing some deep breathing exercises.  It helps you to focus your thoughts away from the source of your stress.  And places your focus on the in and out rhythm of your deep breathing.  Try it right now.  Count each breathe, as you inhale slowly and then exhale.  Focus on that for a few minutes and you will feel your body begin to respond by relaxing.


Go for a run on a nice day.  Or visit the nearby gym.  Or simply claim back your space and exercise at home!  Do it where ever you feel comfortable.  The idea is to take your mind off of your situation and focus on physical activity.  This releases endorphins in the brain and can help you improve your mental outlook on things.  Also, it’s just great for the body to be active!

Break the Silence

Please don’t go through this situation alone.  Please confide in someone.  Isolation is very bad for a person’s mental health.  It can be scary to confide in someone, giving them a glimpse at what you are trying to deal with.  But do it anyway.  Choose wisely and ask them to not repeat to others.  You are not alone in this.  Oh, and hugging is ok – if you are inclined to do so.

Seek professional help

The quicker you can deal with the bed bug infestation, the better off you will be mentally.  We really do not think it wise to try and treat these bugs yourself.  You need them gone now!  Contact a professional bed bug exterminator and get them working for you.  Follow every recommendation they provide you.  And get your space treated as soon as possible.  This is the path to restoring and reclaiming your life.  And saying goodbye to bed bugs once and for all!

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