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Dressing Your Patio Doors

Dressing Your Patio Doors

Monday, August 15, 2022

by Richard Marin

Homeowners all over the place are constantly looking to enhance their homes with different window treatments.  With the benefits of energy efficiency having a direct impact on our cheque books, we can understand why!  Not only do window treatments offer better energy savings, they also offer insulation or glare reduction.  Depending on your needs, there is bound to be one that will serve you and look great at the same time.  And this goes for your sliding doors as well.  Let’s take a look at a couple of options for sliding doors and their windows.

Vertical Shades 

This kind of window treatments come with some super energy efficient benefits.  They are great for climates that have very cold seasons and very hot seasons.  When closed they lay flat and when opened, they stack on top of each layer.  They are very aesthetic and stylish right now.  And you can get them in a wide array of colors, patterns, and fabrics.  They blend into almost any décor and are very complimentary to the room’s appearance.  For sliding doors, you will install 2 sets – one per glass pane.

Vertical Privacy Sheers 

This type of window treatment is very popular for sliding glass doors. And they can work very well with traditional drapery as well.  They provide a good option when privacy is a priority for you.  However, they are not particularly equipped to offer a lot of insulation or energy efficiency.  None the less, they are popular.  They have vertical slats that hang down and can be angled to allow light and visibility through them.  Or they can be completely turned to block out any visibility or light to pass through them.  You can open them completely, where each slat slides across and stacks neatly behind each panel.  Or you can close them and the panels spread out and cover the entire window pane.  For sliding glass doors, there are 2 sets required – one for each glass pane.

Window Tinting 

Window tinting is also an interesting window treatment that accomplishes a lot of different needs for homeowners.  This is a super versatile option that covers a lot of items such as energy efficiency, privacy, minimize glare from sunlight, and can protects carpeting, furniture, and artwork from fading.  Plus there are quite a few choices as to pattern, color, and design.  This treatment is applied directly to the glass pane so there is no hardware to install.  It is easy to clean and does not interfere with routine window cleaning maintenance.


A traditional window treatment is draperies or curtains.  This type of treatment does not go out of style and many people still use drapery coverings on various windows in their homes.  There are many different choices available, using different colors, patterns, and fabrics.  You can find the right size for all types of windows, including sliding glass doors.  They do offer privacy, insulation, and variety for light control in a room.  Normal installation involves a curtain rod, which is installed above the window, and the drapes or curtains are hung from the rod.  For sliding glass doors, it is usual to have ones that reach the floor to cover the door completely.  And you can get away with one set of drapes that will cover both glass doors.  Although, many people will opt to install 2 sets, which will hang together, giving a full window covering effect.  One point to mention is that most of the fabrics used for drapery and curtains can tend to hold heat.  So, hanging them in a room where there is a lot of sunlight hitting the window can increase the heat in that room. 

The Natural Window Treatment

This last window treatment may not be the best energy efficient choice for your home.  It may not offer a lot of insulation.  And definitely will offer little to no privacy.  But in some areas of your home, you may want to simply hang nothing!  Leaving a window with no treatment has become somewhat of a unique feature in some homes.  If you have a view that is simply too stunning to obstruct, you don’t have to!  Of course, this depends on the level of privacy you want (ie a bedroom or bathroom).  If the window is not easy to access and does not have a vantage point where others could see in, you might not have to be concerned with that.  But of course, each person will decide what is right for their own home or room.

Whatever window treatment you do decide to use for your sliding glass doors, remember the goal is to be able to enjoy the view as well!  And that means keeping the windows clean.  Window cleaning should be part of routine maintenance of your home.  It can easily be accomplished by hiring professional window cleaning service at least once a year, to clean all the dirt, dust, and debris that builds up over the year.  And this service is surprisingly affordable too!  Enjoy your windows and the view they provide you each day!

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